Pirates For Peace

Saturday, March 28, 2009


4025 laser hot hits heard@7.15 playing pop music and talking about uk dxers blog.good signal sinpo 44344
6290 radio altrex playing rock music.heard@8.50 weak signal sinpo 22112
3910 radio unique{maybe} plays music from talking heads,omd and steve miller band.heard@16.35.strong signal sinpo 54454
6220-18.30 mystery radio playing pop music strong signal 54454
3932-18.50 bogusman playing indie music good signal sinpo 44344
3905 unid@20.30 playing balitmoro and sabrina.off@20.44 strong signal sinpo 55455
3898 radio piepzender heard@20.47 playing dutch version off the song top of world fair signal sinpo 32333

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