Pirates For Peace

Sunday, March 29, 2009

29/03/09 times bst

6220-radio marbio plays cher.heard@8.30 strong signal sinpo55455

6520 unid playing sixties music from hermins hermits,brenda lee,rick neilson and shadows good signal sinpo 44344

5815 -9.00 orion radio strong signal. plays beatles and everley brothers sinpo 55445

3900-9.10 skyline radio fair signal 33223

6375-9.23 unid plays prince and micheal zager band good signal 44334

6300 unid heard@9.52 playing susan maughan and del shannon.off@10.00 good signal sinpo 44344

5800 radio geronimo heard dave scott reading letters and e-mail reception reports good signal sinpo 44434

6280 radio merlin heard@10.45 playing lounge music fair signal but some fading sinpo 33222 also heard later@12.55 playing rock music from ac/dc and thin lizzy good signal 44444

6255 radio telstar south heard@12.50 playing marmalade faded out a few minutes later

6300 radio borderhunter heard@14.22 playing dance and rock music usual strong signal sinpo55455

6375-16.45 unid fair signal but faded out 10 minutes later sinpo 33232

6426-16.55 unid playing rock music. weak signal and lots of noise sinpo 21121

6220 playback international heard@17.05 playing status quo strong signal sinpo 54444

3932 bogusman heard@17.55 playing indie music and chat strong signal sinpo 55445

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