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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy easter

6400 unid plays rock music sinpo 22122

5815 orion radio playing fox heard@7.20 strong signal sinpo 54444

6425 radio pionier heard@7.30 giving out id fair signal sinpo 33223

6325 unid playing c&w maybe radio waves heard@7.40 fair signal sinpo 32323

4025 laser hot hits tony james program strong signal sinpo 55445

6220 playback international heard@7.45 playing gary plucket and edwin starr strong signal sinpo 54444

6380 unid heard@7.55 non stop music mostly dutch sinpo 32233

9770 big l playing moody blues and the sweet strong signal 55455

6280 radio saxonia playing rolling stones,manfred mann and led zepllain sinpo 44344

6255-9.00 Britian radio plays thin lizzy seams to be a repeat off a program heard during the week on 4025 good signal 43344

6240 misti radio weak signal heard@9.43 playing abba sinpo 22212

6310 radio codor playing dance music sinpo 44434

6299 radio bommerang heard @11.15playing bachman tunerover drive. moved to 6303 a few minutes playing stan ridgeway sinpo 54444

6285 radio geronimo heard@11.32 playing eric clapton then id jingle and off good signal 43343

5802 radio telestar south playing oldies heard@17.20 good signal 44434

3932 bogusman heard@18.05 chat and music from jackson brown and babybird strong signal 54454

6305 playback international playing elvis presley and glen cambell strong signal but whistle on frequencey sinpo 53344

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