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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shortwave logs 10/05/09

4025-6.25 laser hot hits playing joe jackson and micheal zager band strong signal sinpo 54344

6870-6.50 playback international playing fleetwood mac lots of fading sinpo 33222

6305-7.13 radio merlin international playing tom robinson,rainbow,boston and golden earring good signal sinpo 44334

6220-7.40 mystery radio good signal sinpo 43333

6280-7.55 unid playing nice music from bill hayley,carl perkins and frankie lymon sinpo 33233

6210-8.15 radio borderhunter playing dance music stong signal sinpo 55455

6310-8.55 radio grensstad playing supertramp some ssb qtm fair signal sinpo 32333

6305-9.05 radio shadowman playing hall and oates and survior strong signal sinpo 54444

6310-11.05 sonnet radio playing cutting crew,dave lee roth and america good signal sinpo 44344

5805-17.37 radio telestar south playing mattrews southern comfort good signal sinpo 44343

6220-17.50 mystery radio playing gilbert o sullivan and helen reddy good signal sinpo 43333

4025-19.40 laser hot hits playing the verve good signal sinpo 43333

6325-21.45 sonnet radio playing ub40 strong signal sinpo 54344

5780-22.25 fantasy radio playing keith west,gordon lightfoot and fletwood mac strong signal sinpo 55445


uk dxer said...

6280 - probably Altrex

irish paul said...

Many thanks uk dxer

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report Paul,

Sonnet Radio