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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shortwave logs 17/05/09

6380-7.02 radio lowland playing bon jovi off@7.11 good signal sinpo 43333

6425- 7.20 radio pionier playing wings sinpo 32232

4025-7.45 laser hot hits tony james playing instrumental music sinpo 32333

6220 mystery radio playing the beatles fair signal sinpo 33233

6205-8.15 radio suzuski weak signal sinpo 22122

6280-8.20 radio altrex playing rubbets and america fair signal sinpo 32232

6265-8.31 radio antonia playing slade and manfred mann sinpo 33233

6202-8.45 unid good signal off a few minutes later sinpo 43333

6140-9.05 emr tom taylor playing sweet david bowie and katie perry strong signal sinpo 54444

6210-9.10 radio borderhunter playing asia,santana and toto said he was having tech problems strong signal sinpo 54344

6250-9.40 unid playing classic music,kirsty mc coll and keane good signal. also some qtm sinpo 42233

6201 unid playing fleetwood mac faded out a few minutes later sinpo 32222

6415-10.10 radio dutchwing playing instrumental music weak signal sinpo 22122

5805-10.20 radio telestar south playing amen corner sinpo 33233

3945-12.50 radio bogusman weak signal but can hear music just above noise level sinpo 21121
heard later@18.00 playing in tua nua and talking about Mormons sinpo 33233

6325-13.15unid playing old recording of atlantic 252 good signal sinpo 43333

6280-15.55 unid playing soft cell,eruption,donna summer and neil sedaka good signal sinpo 43343 maybe radio merlin

6870-18.15 unid playing alphavilla and oliva newtown john fair signal sinpo 33233

6220-18.55 mystery radio playing sex pistols and elton john sinpo 43333


uk dxer said...

6250 - I think was Best of British Radio. I couldn't hear it but the operator was in Iann's chat and said he was on this freq. I'm sure he can confirm with you that it was him. Email bestofbritish@radiouk.com

6201 - I believe was Radio Likedeeler from Germany. Another I didn't manage to hear.

73s ukdxer

irish paul said...

Many thanks for your help with the unid uk dxer