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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shortwave logs 31/05/09

3945-6.55 radio bogusman playing p j harvey good signal sinpo 44334 heard later@19.00 playing sleeper sinpo 54444

6424-7.20 radio pioneer playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 32233

6220-8.30 radio marabu weak signal sinpo 22122

6210-7.35 radio borderhunter greating rick in finland strong signal sinpo 55444

6265-8.00 radio 48 playing survior fair signal sinpo 33233

6199-8.15 unid playing non-stop eric clapton strong signal sinpo 54344(see comments)

6280-9.35 radio merlin playing tv themes music also the sweet and edison lighthouse fair signal sinpo 33233

5800-20.00 unid also playing non-stop eric clapton.is this the same station on this morning on 6199? good signal sinpo 44334(see comments)

6220.18.25 mystery radio playing diana ross and miana sound machine good signal sinpo 44333

3900-18.40 radio spaceman playing bob dylan and the police strong signal sinpo 55445

3910-20.33 unid playing elo and phil collins.off@20.40 strong signal sinpo 54444

3920-21.05 radio borderhunter playing stars on 45(abba) and dance music strong signal sinpo 54444

3910-21.30 unid playing dire straits,Genesis and bryan adams sinpo 55445. maybe same station on earlier


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I think I might be your UNID; please contact me radiorapido (followed by the at sign) yahoo.co.uk


irish paul said...

hi radiorapido thanks for letting me know. i have sent you a e-mail.

73's paul

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your logs.

Frans, Borderhunter