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Friday, June 12, 2009

shortwave logs 12/06/09

6424-19.25 radio pionier playing dutch and dance music. sinpo 33233

4025-19.35 britain radio international playing fine young cannibals. fair signal sinpo 33233

3900-20.40 skyline radio international playing kelly family,fergal sharkey and dolly parton. good signal sinpo 44344

6220-21.25 radio altrex playing Arron Nevelle, black Sabbath and leo sayer. fair signal sinpo 33333

6240-21.55 radio altrex playing canned heat. sinpo 33333

6308-22.10 cupid radio playing dance music. good signal sinpo 43444

6220-22.25 mystery radio playing abba. sinpo 44344

6870-22.30 playback international(presumed) relaying amercian radio show. sinpo 43333

6910-23.20 catus jack radio playing theme music from the good the bad and the ugly. good signal sinpo 44344

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