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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shortwave logs 13/06/09

6300-6.55 unid playing grace jones and peter sombero. good signal,but co-channel interferance from sahara station. sinpo 42333

4025-7.55 laser hot hits playing wilson phillps fair signal sinpo 33233

6280-8.10 radio altrex playing the song urban spaceman. weak signal 22122

6200-8.35 unid playing roy orbison and talking in italian. also having tech problems sinpo 54344

6307-15.05 radio alice playing al stewart good signal sinpo 44344

6380-15.15 radio marconi playing ub40, cliff richard and young ones fair signal sinpo 33233

6400-16.10 unid playing rock music weak signal sinpo 22122

6220-17.55 mystery radio playing disco music good signal sinpo 44344

5800-19.20 unid playing cutting crew and beach boys good signal but constant beeping interferance sinpo 41333 maybe radio rapido

3925-unid with laser 558 recordings good signal sinpo 44344

3905.19.45 radio piepzender playing dutch music sinpo 33333

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