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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shortwave logs 14/06/09

4025-6.35 laser hot hits playing wilson phillps good signal sinpo 44444

5810-7.15 orion radio playing dutch music. also strong utillty qrm sinpo 41333

6290-7.35 radio paardenkracht playing meatloaf good signal sinpo 44344

6265-7.55 radio 48 reading out reception reports sinpo 32333 heard later@21.20 playing stepenwolf sinpo 32333

6280-8.00 radio merlin playing pop music strong signal sinpo 54444 heard later@9.25 on 6300 playing hot choclate and bad manners sinpo 54444

6310-8.05 radio northcoast playing four seasons and albert hammond good signal also some utillty qrm sinpo 42344

6305-8.15 radio saturnus playing roxy music good signal sinpo 44344

5825-8.20 radio rapido(tent) playing meatloaf and pet shop boys good signal sinpo 44334 heard later@21.45 playing new order sinpo 33233

6210-8.35 geronimo shortwave dave scott reading reception reports fair signal sinpo 33233 heard later@8.55 on 5800 playing rock music fair signal,but spoilt by some ssb interferance sinpo 31333

6325-9.50 unid playing temptations and billy idol good signal. also quite a bit of noise sinpo 43133

6260-10.10 radio borderhunter playing black sabbath,gloria gaynor and eruption strong signal sinpo 54344

6282-unid playing leo sayer fair signal sinpo 33233

6379-10.45 radio zodiac playing rock music sinpo 33333

6310-10.55 radio ramona playing ac/dc,elo and elton john sinpo 42333

6293-11.45 radio boomerang playing aimi stewart and dr alban then off strong signal sinpo 55455

6400-16.20 radio polaris playing madnees fair signal sinpo 33333

6220-19.00 mystery radio playing madonna good signal sinpo 44444

3895-19.25 bluestar radio playing schlager good signal sinpo 44344

5751-20.45 best of british radio playing nik kershaw Howard jones and kate bush fair signal sinpo 33233

6420-22.30 free radio victora playing eric carman,spandau ballet and joe cocker good clear signal sinpo 44444

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