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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shortwave logs 20/06/09

6210-6.27 radio 48 playing rem and blondie. sinpo 33233

4025-7.55 laser hot hits playing warren zervon and little river band. fair signal sinpo 33233

6310-14.35 radio northcoast playing john travolta and bob marley good signal sinpo 44344

7490-14.50 voice of the netherlands playing micheal jackson sinpo 32222

6399-16.15 unid playing paul hardcastle sinpo 32233

6310-1925 radio scotland giving out id and closing down sinpo 43343

5810-19.43 radio telestar south playing the white planes good signal sinpo 44334

4025-20.08 laser hot hits playing bon jovi and arrested development good signal sinpo 43344

6220-20.35 mystery radio playing jane birkin and serge gainsbourg and jean michelle jarre fair signal sinpo 33333

5825-21.50 radio rapido playing bruce Springsteen and bryan adams fair signal sinpo 33233

6265- 22.35radio altrex playing rock n'roll fair signal also some noise sinpo 33133

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