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Monday, June 22, 2009

Shortwave logs 22/06/09

5800-5.30 radio rapido playing lionel richie and madness. good signal sinpo 44344

4025-5.40 laser hot hits playing ronnie milslap. good signal sinpo 44334.heard later@19.45 playing dance music. sinpo 43334

6210-5.45 radio 48 reading reception reports and playing Roxy music. fair signal sinpo 33223

6220-20.05 mystery radio playing mungo jerry and david bowie. good signal, but suffering splash from rte sinpo 42333

3900-21.25 radio norderlicht playing the sweet in qso with baken 16 good signal sinpo 43444

3899-21.52 radio baken 16 playing soft cell fair signal sinpo 33233

3910-22.10 unid playing pointer sisters and joen jett and blackhearts.co channel inteferance from station below it. sinpo 32222

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