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Saturday, July 4, 2009

shortwave logs 04/07/09

6870-16.32 playback international/mystery radio playing t rex. fair signal sinpo 32333

6220-17.52 playback international/mystery radio in parallel with 6870. playing soft cell and the firm good signal sinpo 44344

3898-19.30 radio piepzender playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6327-19.40 summer meeting radio playing country music and dutch music. fair signal sinpo 32333 heard later@22.10 playing black sabbath,manfred manns earthband and the sweet strong signal sinpo 53444

3912-20.40 radio festivum(tent) weak signal,but can hear music and talking sinpo 21121

3925-20.55 unid weak signal, but can just about hear music sinpo 21121

4025-21.20 laser hot hits playing james sinpo 44344

3902-21.35 radio sallandse boer playing dutch mosic strong signal sinpo 55444

3940-22.30 radio underground weak signal reading free radio logs from uk dxers site sinpo 22122

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