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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shortwave logs 12/07/09

6870-6.55 playback international playing bad company fair signal sinpo 33233

6424-7.20 radio pioneer playing shania twain and dutch music sinpo 32333

6305-7.30 radio saturnus playing jeff wayne and paul hardcastle strong signal sinpo 54344

4025-7.50 laser hot hits playing arrested development sinpo 32233

6220-8.00 mystery radio playing abba fair sinpo 33232

6205-8.10unid weak signal playing instrumental music too much noise to catch id sinpo 22122

6320-8.50 unid playing george mc crae weak signal and high noise level sinpo 21121

6285-8.57 radio scotland playing jean michel jarre good signal sinpo 44344. moved later to 6205,heard@9.25 sinpo 44444

6295-9.05 sonnet radio playing the sparks strong signal sinpo 54444. moved to 6325 heard@9.30 playing david essex sinpo 44344

6378-9.41 radio zodiac playing creedence clearwater rivial and id jingle good signal sinpo 43344

6310-10.20 unid playing dance and dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6524-10.30 radio ramona playing lulu fair signal sinpo 33333

6300-10.40 delta radio playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43344

6280-12.48 radio merlin international with a old recording of radio galaxy strong signal sinpo 54444

6325-14.08 unid playing non stop pop from deacon blue,rod stewart,kid rock and manfreds mann earthband good signal sinpo 44344

6210-17.10 unid playing dance music weak signal sinpo 22122

6220-19.18 mystrey radio playing earth wind and fire good signal sinpo 44344

6870-19.40 playback international playing some nice jazz music good signal, slight splash from station on 6860 sinpo 43444

5805-20.05 radio telestar south playing louis armstrong good signal sinpo 44334

3932-20.13 bogusman playing pete Wylie and talking about joanna lumley and her support for the gurkhas.strong signal sinpo 54444

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