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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shortwave logs 18/07/09

6265-7.57 radio 48 playing chris spedding,elo and canned heat. also reading out e-mails. fair signal sinpo 33233.

6400-16.09 unid playing oliva newton john and elo.off a few minutes later,maybe sonnet radio good signal sinpo 43444

6310-17.50 radio condor playing dance music fair signal sinpo 32333 heard later@22.25 still playing dance music strong signal sinpo 53444

6240-22.33 radio altrex playing damian and huey lewis and the news fair signal,but slight whistle on frequencey sinpo 32333 heard later@23.03 playing culture club good signal sinpo 44344

6400-18.00 sonnet radio playing alessi brothers,jonny nash and manfreds mann earthband strong signal sinpo 54444

5810-19.33 radio rapido(pres) playing the clash, kim carnes and tears for fears good signal sinpo 44344

4025-19.55 laser hot hits playing instrumental music good signal sinpo 44344

6870-20.05 playback international/mystery radio live program playing nik kershaw and laura branigan good signal sinpo 44344.in parallel with 6220 playing toni basil good signal, but splash from rte. sinpo 42343

3900-20.40 polaris radio lots of talking in dutch fair signal, but lots of noise sinpo 33132

3945-22.15 bogusman talking about euro elections and playing indie music strong signal sinpo 54444

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