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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shortwave logs 26/07/09

4025-7.00 laser hot hits playing warren g. good signal sinpo 44344

6424-7.20 radio pioneer playing dutch music good signal sinpo 44344

6375-7.30 unid faded out before i got id sinpo 21121

6220-7.45 mystery playing roy orbison and john miles weak signal sinpo 22122

6325-8.05 tis101 relaying radio northsea international playing little eva and bow wow wow strong signal sinpo 53444

6280-8.25 unid playing dance music sinpo 31222

6220 -8.55 radio marabu weak signal sinpo 21121

6140-9.00 radio gloria international playing 60's music strong signal sinpo 54444

6255-10.05 britain radio international playing michael jackson and thanking graham from radio 48 for his e-mail good signal sinpo 44344

6320-16.43 farmers from holland playing elton john good signal sinpo 43344

6300-17.00 delta radio playing dutch music strong signal sinpo 54544

3932-18.05 bogusman playing television strong signal sinpo 54444

6220-19.40 mystery radio/playback international playing soul music good signal. busome splash from rte sinpo42334

3900-19.50 antonia radio playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6870-20.30 mystrey/playback radio in parallal with 6220 fair signal sinpo 33223

4025-20.10 laser hot hits martin scott playing dance music strong signal sinpo 54444

6360-20.57 radio lowland playing the killers good signal, also some noise sinpo 43233

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