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Friday, July 31, 2009

shortwave logs 31/07/09

6220-17.32 mystery radio playing phil collins and duran duran strong signal sinpo 54444

3910-19.37 radio boomerang playing exile and john faraham and giving out id strong signal sinpo 54444 moved later to 6305 heard@20.50 playing steve harley and cockney rebel sinpo 53444

6320-20.55 radio lowland playing abba and pink floyd fair signal. also some utillty noise sinpo 32333

6399-21.05 sonnet radio playing patrick Hernandez strong clear signal sinpo 54444

6400-21.15 tis101 relaying radio northsea international playing gary Wright strong signal sinpo 54444

6280-21.22 radio merlin international jackie frost playing cliff richard good signal, but some splash from 6290 sinpo 43444

6870-21.47 playback international playing sixpence non the richer and simply red fair signal sinpo 33233. in parallel with 6220 playing nancy sintra strong signal sinpo 54444

6265-22.21 radio altrex playing johnny cash,elvis presley and lou reed fair signal sinpo 33233

3900-23.12 skyline international playing george baker selection and harpo. also greeting terry in newfoundland good signal sinpo 44344

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