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Saturday, September 12, 2009

shortwave logs 12/09/09

6870-6.48 playback international plays mungo jerry"in the summertime" good signal sinpo 43444

7550-8.00 radio amica 2 men having a chat in italian fair signal sinpo 33233

6325-8.45 radio Monte carlo playing dutch songs fair signal sinpo 32333

6309-9.43 sonnet radio playing spagna,tears for fears and the maisonettes fair signal sinpo 33233 heard later@10.25 with a good signal playing crash test dummies sinpo 43344

6250 unid playing tony christie weak signal and strong utillty qrm sinpo 21121

6220-16.35 mystery radio playing galazy"dancing tight" good signal sinpo 44344

6325-17.05 radio mustang playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 32233

6870-17.47 playback international playing rose royce fair signal sinpo 33233

6310-19.30 radio lowland playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 32333

6400-19.35 sonnet radio playing thin lizzy, gary moore and joe walsh. also mentioned my blog and uk dxers and greeting frans strong signal sinpo 54444

3895-19.50 unid playing country and western good signal sinpo 44344

3935-19.55 radio nova playing the supremes weak signal and high noise level sinpo 21121

5805-20.27 radio telestar south playing wizzard, barry mann and focus strong signal sinpo 54444


Terry C SRE said...

Thanks for the report Paul, much appreciated! Your eQSL is on it's way

Terry C
Sonnet Radio Europe

Free Radio Nova said...

Thanks for the log Paul!

Could you drop me a line pls? info@listentoradionova.com


irish paul said...

hi free radio nova i will drop you a line later this evening when i have more time.

73's paul