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Sunday, September 20, 2009

shortwave logs 20/09/09

6870-6.50 playback international playing let loose good signal sinpo 44344

6305-6.55 radio foxfire playing toto and fr david. first time to hear this station. fair signal sinpo 32333

6280-7.20 radio merlin playing bob marley,comordores and procal harem strong signal sinpo 54444

6292-7.35 radio scotland playing white plains,abba and moterhead strong signal sinpo 54444

6424-7.50 radio pioneer playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43444

6375-7.55 sonic radio playing paula nutini fair signal sinpo 33233

6265-8.00 radio altrex playing the carpenters fair signal, but once again another station came on the channel. sinpo 31223

6210-8.05 radio borderhunter playing chubby checker,canned heat and jim croce strong signal sinpo 55444

6280-8.23 radio paardenkracht coming on on top of radio merlin playing soft cell and alvin stardust in the clear when radio merlin moved to 5810 strong signal sinpo 54444

6220-8.55 mystery radio playing lionel richie good signal sinpo 44344

5810-8.50 radio merlin jackie frost playing music from 50's and the 60's fair signal sinpo 33233

6305-8.55 radio scotland playing dance music strong signal sinpo 54444

6140-9.00 emr tom taylor playing t rex and dr feelgood strong signal but can hear another station underneath it sinpo 53444

6385-9.25 radio face de blatte playing instrumental music fair signal sinpo 32333 first time to hear this station

6290-9.40 radio condor playing dance music good signal sinpo 44334

6210-10.00 voice of the netherlands playing rod stewart,david bowie,eruption and beach boys good signal 44344

6305-10.13 radio merlin playing little richard and fats domino good signal sinpo 44344.later moved back to 6280 heard@13.12 playing europe,nena and kim wilde.still coming in with good signal sinpo 44344

6325-17.45 radio mustang playing toto and cyndi lauper fair signal,also some fading sinpo 33223

6200-17.20 mystery radio playing chris rea"road to hell" strong signal sinpo 54444

7550-17.30 radio amica playing david bowie good signal sinpo 43344

3925-19.00 bogusman playing megageth and john foxx strong signal sinpo 54444

3900-21.30 radio likedeeler playing kinks and chicago good signal sinpo 44344

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