Pirates For Peace

Thursday, November 12, 2009

shortwave logs 12/11/09

6870-17.57 pirate music playing depeche mode and id jingle fair signal with some fading sinpo 33233

6220-21.35 mystery radio with a fair signal also some fading playing michael zager band"let's all chant" sinpo 32232

4025-22.05 laser hot hits playing simple minds and alphaville fair signal, also some noise sinpo 33223

3938-22.28 central radio playing grace jones"pull up to the bumper" and simple minds"promised you a miracle" fair signal at times,also some fading and bad hum on frequecy sinpo 32322

6870-23.14 pirate music playing m"pop music" fair signal singo 33233


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the report, dont know if you could hear the modulation clearly with the hum, did it sound ok at your end?

Joe (Central)

irish paul said...

hi joe yes modulation was okay.
3938 is a bad freg. here for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
I will try to avoid that frequency in the future.

Thanks again