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Friday, November 13, 2009

shortwave logs 13/11/09

3880-20.00 radio continental playing billy ocean and the monkeys good signal sinpo 44344

6870-20.30 playback international playing instrumental music fair signal sinpo 32232

3910-20.15 atlantic radio weak signal and high noise level,but can hear some music sinpo 22112 heard later@21.50 playing sting, madness and tom petty fair signal 33233 improved later to sinpo 44344. also heard@22.53 with a strong signal playing procal harem and lady hawk sinpo 54444

3900-20.40 skyline radio international playing toto fair signal sinpo 33233

3906-20.50 radio optimod playing chicroy tip and barry manilow strong signal sinpo 55444 back on 21.22 playing van halen sinpo 54444

3932-21.40 mrf radio playing the eagles" one off those nights" weak signal sinpo 22122

4025-21.45 laser hot hits playing duran duran weak signal sinpo 21122

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