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Friday, November 20, 2009

shortwave logs 20/11/09

6870-20.25 playback international playing the beatles"she loves you" fair signal sinpo 33233

3900-20.40 skyline radio international playing dutch music also some noise sinpo 33233 heard later@22.10 playing smokie sinpo 33333

3920-21.55 radio noorderlicht playing marillon and guns and roses good signal sinpo 44344

3941-22.18 radio jan van gent playing polka music good signal sinpo 44344

3932-22.30 unid weak signal. but can hear some music and talk. to noisy to id sinpo 21121

3911-23.25 radio sallandse boor(tent) weak signal and lots of noise playing creedence clearwater rivel sinpo 22112

4025-23.40 laser hot hits playing fleetwood mac"oh diana" fair signal also some noise sinpo 33223

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