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Saturday, November 28, 2009

shortwave logs 28/11/09

6310-8.40 radio altrex playing matchbox"when you ask about love" good signal sinpo 43444 heard later@10.55 playing PHD"i won't let you down" sinpo 33233

6303-8.45 radio scirocco playing the rolling stones and the stranglers good signal also a whistle on freq. sinpo 43344

4025-9.05 laser hot hits with the anorak hour program featuring a recording of sunshine radio fair signal sinpo 33233

6325-9.10 radio mustang playing the hollies,honeybus and the searchers good signal sinpo 43444

6216-9.17 radio king shortwave playing billy joel"she's always a women" weak signal sinpo 22122

6210-9.27 misti radio playing the spin doctors and soul asylum fair signal sinpo 32333

9510-9.35 radio joystick playing pop music strong signal sinpo 54444

6280-9.45 trans europe radio playing instrumental and dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6295-11.12 phoenix radio playing the who,peter frampton and rem strong signal id jingle heard@12.05 sinpo 54444

6212-12.10 unid playing dutch music fair signal but faded out few minutes later sinpo 33223

6289-12.25 radio rainbow international playing boys town gang"can't take my eyes of you" fair signal,but strong utillty qrm sinpo 32323

6210-13.15 unid playing omd and poison was having tech problems strong signal sinpo 54444 maybe radio boomerang

6400-13.25 radio shadowman playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

5815-13.32 orion radio playing mud and ac/dc good signal sinpo 44344

5800-13.47 radio boomerang playing the song"davys on the road again" strong signal sinpo 54444

3925-14.05 the ghoul talking about 1395 and playing fleetwood mac good signal sinpo 43444

6870-14.25 playback international playing elvis presley fair signal sinpo 33233

6375-15.05 unid playing meatloaf and dutch music weak signal sinpo 22122

6425-15.25 radio lowland playing country and dutch music fair signal,also some fading sinpo 33322

3900-16.05 unid playing rock music good signal sinpo 44344

6220-17.32 mystery radio playing new order"blue monday" good signal sinpo 44344

6905-21.40 catus jack radio playing blues music fair signal also long fades sinpo 33322

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