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Sunday, December 13, 2009

shortwave logs 13/12/09

6220-7.30 mystery radio playing dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6870-7.55 pirate music playing nick straker band good signal sinpo 44344

4025-8.15 laser hot hits with a good signal playing bryan adams good signal sinpo 44344

5815-8.35 orion radio playing milk and honey, the Kelly family and the pretenders strong signal sinpo 54444

6292-8.57 radio Mazda playing dutch music very strong signal sinpo 55444 heard later on 6297 but splashing everywhere sinpo 53444

6375-9.10 sonic radio playing rock music fair signal sinpo 32333

5810-9.22 radio star international playing tanita tikaram and will powers Strong signal 55544 heard later@13.20 talking about reception conditions said he was listening to mw in the mornings and hearing irish station radio star country on 981 and tyrone radio on 1521 sinpo 55444

6280-9.28 trans europe radio playing the pretenders gerry Rafferty and abba fair signal sinpo 32333

6305-9.45 radio scotland playing donna summer strong signal sinpo 54444

6310-9.50 radio northpole playing yodeling music fair signal sinpo 32333

6240-9.55 radio free victora playing dutch and opera music good signal sinpo 43444

6210-10.02 radio borderhunter playing culture beat and ace of base strong signal sinpo 54444 heard later@11.10 playing elo"roll over Beethoven" sinpo 54444

6325-10.15 flux am playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33333

6417-10.22 radio marconi playing dance music good signal sinpo 44444

5800-10.27 radio boomerang playing men at work and chris rea strong signal sinpo 54444

6262-10.36 radio Suzuki playing x mas songs weak signal sinpo 22122

6400-10.45 radio lowland playing dutch music and giving out id fair signal sinpo 33333

6257-10.50 radio scotland playing dance music strong signal sinpo 54444

6425-10.55 radio zodiac playing rock music fair signal also some noise sinpo 33233

6305- 11.15 radio malaisy playing dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6318-11.42 central radio paul hunt playing shamen moved to 6320 heard@12.10 playing shabangs strong signal sinpo 54444

6295-12.00 radio phoenix playing the cure and rem strong signal sinpo 54444 heard later@14.50 playing human league and the thompson twins sinpo 54444

6310-11.55 grensstad radio playing instrumental music good music sinpo 44344

6325-12.15 radio mustang playing londonbeat and dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6425-12.42 radio marconi playing instrumental music strong utillty qrm and noise making it hard to hear sinpo 42222

6400-13.40 unid playing dutch music off a few minutes later sinpo 43333

6524-13.50 radio northcoast playing dolly parton"9 to 5" fair signal also some utillty qrm sinpo 32323

6325 -14.20 radio shadowman playing kiss,opus and queen good signal sinpo 44444 closed down@14.30

6417-14.35 radio marconi playing bruce springsteen" the river good signal sinpo 44444

6420-15.05 radio lowland in qso with radio marconi playing dance music sinpo 43333 also radio marconi playing dutch version of"take a chance on me" thanking lowland for qso sinpo 54444

6265-15.26 radio overijessel playing yodeling music fair signal but suffering splash from 6270 sinpo 32333

6320-17.20 central radio playing sugababes"freak like me" good signal sinpo 43444

6220-19.25 mystery radio playing Lionel Ritchie good signal sinpo 44344

3932-19.40 radio jan van gent playing polka music fair signal but noise level is high sinpo 33223

4025-20.45 laser hot hits tony james playing omd fair signal but a lot of fading sinpo 33232

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report on Paul, nice to see the signal strength is ok with you.

Joe (central)