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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

shortwave logs 23/12/09

6400-12.30 sonnet radio playing the four tops and the hollies good signal sinpo 44344 heard later@13.25 playing makem and clancy and telly savalas strong signal sinpo 54444

6305-12.45 radio mazda playing dutch music strong signal but modulation a bit dull sinpo 54444 heard later@14.05 playing elvis Presley,mamas and papas and gary Puckett sinpo 54444

6220-12.58 radio merlin playing touch and go and Britney spears good signal sinpo 44344 heard later@13.55 playing reggae music sinpo 44344

3890-14.30 skyline radio international weak signal at first. but then improved to fair signal playing dutch music. also fiction factory and the cutting crew sinpo 33233 heard later@15.55 playing europe and lipps inc. sinpo 44334

6375-15.30 cool am playing nancy sintra weak signal sinpo 22122 heard later@16.05 with a fair signal playing modern talking"brother louie" fair signal sinpo 32333. off a few minutes later.

3890-19.27 skyline radio international playing ac/dc,zz top,oueen,smokie and bon jovi good signal sinpo 44344

6220-20.55 mystery radio playing lulu fair signal sinpo 33233

4025-21.41 laser hot hits playing elo and altered images fair signal also some noise sinpo 33233

3905-22.35 polaris radio playing madonna songs fair signal also some noise sinpo 33233

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