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Saturday, December 26, 2009

shortwave logs 26/12/09

6870-8.10 playback international playing tubeway army good signal sinpo 44344

6305-8.20 radio overijessel playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43444

7610-8.30 radio amica playing instrumental and pop music fair signal but noisy sinpo 33222

6220-8.35 mystery radio playing rod stewart strong signal sinpo 54444

4025-8.45 laser hot hits playing mariah carey fair signal but some noise sinpo 33223

6300-9.15 radio brandaris playing dutch music and queen good signal sinpo 44444

6280-9.25 radio merlin jackie frost playing carl perkins and jerry lee lewis good signal sinpo 44344

6212-9.35 radio mistletoe playing christmas songs strong signal sinpo 54444

5815-9.45 orion radio playing dutch music strong signal sinpo 54444

6295-10.00 radio shodowman playing 10.cc,men at work and midnight oil strong signal sinpo 54444

6399-10.15 radio pacman playing visage and tubeway army good signal also some noise sinpo 44334

6240-10.25 radio scirocco playing captain hollywood project and CCR good signal but some utillty qrm sinpo 43443

6255-10.42 britain radio roger davis saying hello to jack Russel and playing gilbert o' Sullivan and the chi lites good signal sinpo 44444

6292-11.20 trans europe radio playing keith west,the bee gees and mark knopfler good signal but spoilt by some utilty qrm sinpo 43434

6524-11.45 radio northcoast playing dutch songs fair signal but noisy sinpo 32232

6260-11.55 radio tina playing CCR and dutch music good signal and small fading sinpo 44334

6420-12.15 radio lowland playing chris rea"driving home for chrstmas" good signal sinpo 44344 also heard@13. 15 playing slade and dutch music sinpo 44344

6210-12.25 radio borderhunter playing country and western and dutch music also elo strong signal sinpo 54444 heard later@13.45 playing santana sinpo 54444

6405-12.55 radio marconi with a good signal but hard to hear at times due to strong utilly qrm playing ac/dc and bruce springsteen sinpo 42333

6310-13.00 radio northsea international playing hermins hermit,bob dylan and gerry rafferty strong signal sinpo 54444

3945-13.10 the ghoul playing indie music fair signal but noise level is high sinpo 33223

3945-15.00 bogusman playing indie music fair signal but quite noisy sinpo 32323

6305-15.15 radio malisy playing dance music good signal sinpo 43444

3890-20.20 skyline radio international playing johnny cash, boney m and dutch music fair signal , but quite noisy sinpo 33223

4025-20.55 laser hot hits playing manfred mann fair signal but again noise level is high sinpo 33223

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