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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

shortwave logs 12/01/10

3905-18.45 skyline radio international playing bruce springsteen,fiction factory bonnie tylor, kinks and many creendance clearwater rivial songs fair to good signal sinpo 43333 heard later@20.40 playing OMD"enola gay"ELO"don't bring me down" and status quo"get down" sinpo 44344

4025-21.25 laser hot hits playing j geils band fair signal sinpo 33233

3932-22.05 radio jan van gent playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

3905-22.15 2 stations now on causing a co-channel hum one skyline radio playing peter kent and smokie the other talking about irish pirate radio. seams to be the same station that was on sunday afternoon on 3905.neither station is winning the battle sinpo 32333

3900-22.30 radio noorderlicht playing soul sister fair signal also some noise 33233


UU1CC said...

Hi Paul. It's not spam, don't shut me :)

http://icio.us/qtuco2 - found ussr pirates memories. russian page via babelfish

irish paul said...


73's paul

UU1CC said...

Russian Pirate Radio Host http://6P3S.ru
babelfish link: http://icio.us/s1burz

73! Andy