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Sunday, January 24, 2010

shortwave logs 23/01/10

7610-7.52 radio amica playing instrumental music fair signal sinpo 33233

620-8.00 mystery radio playing yazoo and george harrison good signal sinpo 44344

4025-8.10 laser hot hits playing dusty spring field and double good signal sinpo 44344

6310-8.20 radio altrax playing bananarama and greeting listeners fair signal sinpo
33233 a few minutes later another station comes on causing co-channel hum.

6205-8.42 radio space shuttle playing dance music fair signal also some fading sinpo 33223

5815-9.15 orion radio playing marc cohn" walking in memphis" strong signal sinpo 54444

6307-9.05 unid weak signal but can hear some music sinpo 22122

5800-9.15 radio altrax playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233 also heard on 6240@10.35 sinpo 32333

6285-9.25 trans europe radio playing ryan paris,samatha fox and kelly marie said he was using 25 watts fair signal sinpo 33233

6289-9.40 radio shadow playing the song "venus" weak signal sinpo 21222

6260-9.45 radio scotland playing space"magic fly" and rock n' roll music strong signal , but strong utillty qrm sinpo 53444

6280-9.52 radio scirocco playing dance music fair signal sinpo 33233

6200-9.57 unid playing dire straits"sultans of swing" weak signal sinpo 32122

6140-10.00 radio gloria international playing jullian lennon strong signal sinpo 54444

6295-10.10 phoenix radio playing queen"i want to break free" and the rolling stones"angie" good signal sinpo 44444

7485-10.15 free radio victoria playing jeff lyne,dr hook and the sutherland brothers fair signal, also some noise sinpo 33233

6300-10.55 radio golfbreker with dutch and polka music fair signal sinpo 32333

6260-10.45 voice of the netherlands playing the police and chris isack good signal sinpo 43444

6310-11.25 radio northpole playing gary glitter and tom jones fair signal sinpo 32333

6286-11.40 radio titanic with id's and music weak signal sinpo 31222

6325-11.52 radio grote versierder sinpo 44444 in qso with trans europe radio sinpo 33233

6375-12.10 unid playing t-rex and redbox sinpo 43333

6415-12.26 central radio playing lenny kravitz and janes addiction good signal sinpo 44444

6425-12.40 radio marconi playing dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6260-12.50 radio baken 16 playing tina turner and dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6210-13.00 radio borderhunter playing jona lowie and nick straker band good signal sinpo 44444

5815-13.53 radio baken 16 playing new order"blue monday" fair signal and some
Fading sinpo 33233 heard later@14.20 playing the song"the wild rover",madness,don mc clean and bob dylen sinpo 43343

6307-14.05 unid with polka music fair signal with some fading sinpo 33233

7610-15.20 radio altantic 2000 playing led zepilen"stairway to heaven" and alphaville"big in japen" fair signal sinpo 33333

3932-17.35 radio jan van gent playing country and western music fair signal sinpo 33233

6220-17.45 mystery radio playing miami sound machine good signal sinpo 44344

4025-17.53 laser hot hits playing captain seneible fair signal also some noise sinpo 33233

3905-18.55 radio baken 16 playing dance music fair signal , but quite noisy sinpo 43233

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