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Sunday, February 7, 2010

shortwave logs 07/02/10

4025-8.10 laser hot hits playing sade fair signal sinpo 33233

5820-8.20 orion radio playing abba, dutch music and promo for am forum strong signal sinpo 54444

7610-8.30 radio amica playing howard jones fair signal sinpo 33233

6290-8.55 radio shadow playing golden earring fair signal sinpo 33233

5825-9.00 radio thunderbird playing daniel mc queen weak signal sinpo 22122

6305-9.05 voice of the netherlands playing the shadows cliff richard and neil sedaka strong signal but can hear radio malaisy underneath it. sinpo 54444 moved to 6300@9.40 playing gene vincent sinpo 54444

6305-9.45 radio malaisy in the clear now with dance music sinpo 33233

6205- 9.50 geronimo shortwave playing the cars and dave scott talking about new e-qsls cards good signal sinpo 44344

6450-9.50 radio marconi playing the song"rock n'roll i give you the best years of my life" and dutch music good signal sinpo 43444

5820-10.08 radio quintus playing dutch songs fair signal sinpo 32333

6300-10.15 radio condor playing trance music and having a conversation with somebody fair signal sinpo 33333

5824-10.20 wnkr radio playing john miles " music and joy divison"love will tear us apart"fair signal sinpo 43333

5815-10.30 voice of the netherlands with a report for quintus and orion radio sinpo 33233

6220-14.55 mystery radio playing elo and elvis costello fair signal with some fading sinpo 33233

3945-15.05 bogusman with chat and indie music very noisy signal sinpo 33223

6295-15.15 radio altrex(see comments) playing kate bush"babooshka" fair signal but faded out 5 minutes later sinpo 33233

6377-15.23 radio dutchwing with country and western music also some dutch music and giving out id sinpo 32333

6310-15.35 radio malaisy playing billy joel"honesty" sinpo 43333

5775-16.00 geronimo shortwave dave scott playing simon davies,the beatles and giving answer to the quiz. good signal sinpo 44344

3905-16.57 skyline radio international playing2 unlimted,the rolling stones and womack and womack god signal sinpo 44344 heard later@21.12playing brotherhood of man,dire straits and elo and thanking everyone for there reception reports sinpo 44344

3920-17.15 radio pluto with dance and rock music fair signal with some noise sinpo 33233

4025-18.33 laser hot hits playing falco fair signal sinpo 32333


uk dxer said...

Your 6295 unid was Radio Altrex who had moved from 6265.

irish paul said...

many thanks paul