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Friday, February 5, 2010

shortwave logs 05/02/10

3905-20.35 skyline radio international playing creedence clearwater rivial,dutch songs,sniff n' tears and bruce springsteen good signal sinpo 44344 heard later@22.10 playing the kelly family and matchbox sinpo 44444

3885-21.10 continental radio playing dance music and laidbach"sunshine reggae" fair signal sinpo 33233 heard later@22.30 playing gerry and the pacemakers and robert nevill sinpo 32333

3932-21.21 radio jan van gent playing coutry and western music fair to good signal sinpo 43333

3900-22.10 cupid radio on a short test transmisson playing ac/dc"you shock me all night long" good signal but some splash from 3905 sinpo 43444

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