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Saturday, February 20, 2010

shortwave logs 20/02/10

4025-7.52 lases hot hits playing fleetwood mac"little lies" fair signal sinpo 33233

6375-8.53 radio scirocco playing shocking blue jeans good signal sinpo 43444

6420-9.00 radio lowland playing showaddywaddy"why do lovers break each others heart" fair signal but quite noisy sinpo 33233

6305-9.20 voice of the netherlands playing dance music good signal sinpo 44444

6282-9.25 radio altrex playing heart"alone fair signal sinpo 33233

6300-9.36 voice of the netherlands with dance music and qso sinpo 54444

6301-9.40 radio mustang with a qso fair but noisy signal sinpo 33223

9510-9.55 radio city playing oldies strong signal sinpo 54444

6295-10.08 voice of the netherlands with dance music strong signal sinpo 54444

6450-10.20 radio marconi playing the song"proud mary" sinpo 54444 heard later@14.20 playing dutch music closed@14.27 sinpo 44444

6400-13.50 radio northcoast weak signal with some fair peaks playing dion and jimmy ruffin sinpo 32222

6375-13.58 radio northpole doing lots of talking in dutch good signal sinpo 43444

6215-15.16 radio merlin on a test transmission with a good signal and good modulation. playing roxy music,free and stevie miller band sinpo 44444

6300-17.25 radio golfbreker playing dutch and polka music good clear signal sinpo 45444

6220-18.55 mystery radio playing dance music good signal sinpo 43444

3930-21.15 radio jan van gent(see comments) playing rockabilly and dutch music good signal sinpo 44344


Anonymous said...

3.930 was radio Jan van gent

Greetings Radio JVG

irish paul said...

many thanks JVG

73's paul