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Sunday, February 28, 2010

shortwave logs 28/02/10

6375-7.00 radio polaris playing bob dylan and creedence clearwater rivial good signal sinpo 43444

4025-8.00 laser hot hits playing dance  music sinpo 44344

6290-8.05 trans europe radio playing black sabbath good signal , but spoilt now and again by utilty qrm sinpo 42444

6420-8.22 radio scotland playing daniel boone good signal sinpo 44444 also heard on 6180@9.50 with a short test sinpo 54444 and 6305@10.02 strong signal but splash from 6310 sinpo 53444

6300-8.35 radio paardenkracht playing instrumental music good signal sinpo 43444

6315-8.40 sonic radio playing reggae music and giving out id fair signal sinpo 32333 also on 6375 11.15 with a weak signal sinpo 22122

5815-8.45 orion radio playing martika and polka version off the birde song good signal 44444

6220-8.50 mystery radio playing bionda fair signal sinpo 33233

6205-8.55 radio borderhunter playing dire straits and elo strong signal sinpo 54444

6265-9.10 geromino shortwave with a german rock show good signal sinpo 44344 also heard@11.10 with a english rock program sinpo 44444

6310-9.15 delta radio playing whitesnake strong signal sinpo 54444

6280-9.22 radio merlin playing baltimore,morden romance and tears for fears good signal 44344 also heard @11.40 playing stranglers,billy idol and steelers wheel strong signal sinpo 54444

6291-9.35 radio shadow playing elo and stevie wonder fair signal sinpo 33233

6285-9.45 radio conder giving out id and playing trance music good signal sinpo 43444

5800-9.55 FRS holland with a dance version off "dont fear the reaper" strong signal sinpo 55444 also heard@11.20 with the dave scott show reading reception reports sinpo 54444

6375-9.58 radio scirocco playing polka music fair signal sinpo 32333

6140-10.05 radio gloria international playing byran ferry good signal ,but can hear cuba station underneath it sinpo 42333

6300-10.55 radio spaceman playing danny mc queen and simon and gartfunkel strong signal sinpo 54444

6295-11.10 phoenix radio playing rock music good signal sinpo 43444

6426-12.15 radio pioneer with id jingle then faded out sinpo 32222

6310-12.30 radio spaceman with dance music strong signal sinpo 54444 also heard on 6385@13.30 playing dutch version off "angie" and  the counting crows sinpo 54444

5800-12.35 FRS HOLLAND with the free radio program talking about uk dxers blog and progation condations over last couple of months still a strong signal sinpo 54444

6210-12.55 radio nordsea international playing the beatles weak signal and some fading sinpo 22122

6400-13.00 central radio playing madonna, the police, texis and eric clapton good signal sinpo 44444 heard later@14.40 playing joan armtrading and suzanne vega sinpo 44344

6326-13.20 magic am with a test transmission playing labelle fair signal sinpo 43333 heard later@14.25 playing robert palmer sinpo 43433

6385-13.40 radio marconi playing ac/dc fair signal sinpo 33233

6524-13.57 radio northcoast playing creedence clearwater rivial"lodi" fair signal, also some noise sinpo 33233

6300-14.05 radio golfbreker with dutch music fair signal, but some splash from 6310 sinpo 32333

6420-14.10 studio 52 playing matchbox, pet shop boys and mental as anything fair to good signal sinpo 44333

6952-15.10 radio jan van gent playing country and western music weak signal sinpo 22122

6390-15.15 radio rob 007 playing rock music good signal sinpo 44444

6305-15.40 radio merlin playing the stranglers and the eagles good signakl sinpo 44344

6395-16.30 central radio (see comments)playing rock music good signal sinpo 43444

6220-17.08 playback international playing lee ann rimes and the weather girls good signal sinpo44344

3932-18.45 bogusman talking about the ghoul and playing indie music good signal sinpo 43444

6220-22.40 mystery radio playing derek and the dominoes "layla" and the beatles"yesterday" fair signal with some fading sinpo 43333


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the report on 6400, the 6395-16.30 report was also me

Joe (central)

irish paul said...

hi joe many thanks

73's paul

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul!!

Thanks for your blog. You helped me log Polaris R. this morning!! I went back and checked my recording, and sure enough it was there on 6375. Keep up the good work!!


Dave Valko

irish paul said...

Hi dave i am glad you like my blog and find it useful.

Many thanks
73's paul