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Friday, March 5, 2010

shortwave logs 05/03/10

 4025-5.30 laser hot hits tony james playing buddy holly and bj thomas fair, but noisy signal sinpo 43223

6376-17.00 radio tina(tent) playing elo"hold on tight" weak and noisy signal sinpo 22122

6220-18.10 mystery radio playing aneka"japanese boy" good signal sinpo 44344

4025-19.00 laser hot hits playing supertramp"take the long way home" fair signal, but quite noisy at times sinpo 33233

3900-19.50 unid playing dj sammy "heaven" good signal sinpo 44444 on and off a couple times

6310-20.25 radio spaceman playing james blunt and bob segar strong signal sinpo 54444

5805-20.35 continental radio playing the eagles weak signal and some splash from 5810 sinpo 21222

6325-21.10 radio spaceman playing white plain t's"deliah" fair signal sinpo 33233

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