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Thursday, March 18, 2010

shortwave logs 18/03/10

4025-6.22 laser hot hits gary drew playing rare soul music good signal sinpo 44344

6305-17.46 radio merlin international jackie frost playing berlin,t pau, marvin gaye and sistersledge fair to good signal sinpo 43333 heard later@19.28 playing the cure"love cats" signal getting noisy now sinpo 33233

6220-18.12 playback international/ mystery radio playing the sweet,slade and donny osmond good signal sinpo 44344

6310-18.48 radio spaceshuttle(id via ianns chat) playing the beatles heard briefly before fading out sinpo 32333

6305-20.10  radio merlin international coming in with a fair signal playing oasis and the buggles sinpo 32333 said he was using only 10 watts

4025-22.45 laser hot hits playing elo"sweet talking women" weak and very noisy signal sinpo 22122

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