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Saturday, March 20, 2010

shortwave logs 20//03/10

4025-7.50 laser hot hits playing depeache  mode"see you" weak and noisy signal sinpo 22122

6305-8.00radio black arrow with a fair signal playing alice cooper" poison" closed down a few minutes later.
back on@8.13 greeting radio tina and playing dance nusic fair signal with good audio sinpo 43333

6280-9.00 radio altrex with a weak signal   and giving out id sinpo 22122

9510-9.52 radio city playing oldies good signal sinpo 44444

6277-12.15 radio dutchwing playing instrumental music and giving out id weak signal with some fair peaks sinpo 33223

6305-1705 radio merlin paul watt playing the beach boys, the beatles, and the seekers good signal sinpo 44444
heard later@19.40 playing  the bobby fuller four and cyndi lauper sinpo 44344

4025-17.50 laser hot hits playing jettro tull fair signal sinpo 43333

6220-18.05 mystery radio with a live program playing phd" i won't let you down" good signal sinpo 44344

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