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Saturday, March 27, 2010

shortwave logs 27/03/10

4025-8.00 laser hot hits playing alison moyet weak signal with high noise level sinpo 22122

6300-9.00 radio tina playing instrumental music weak signal with fading sinpo 32222

6960-9.20 radio jan van gent with a weak signal playing country and western music sinpo 22122 had improved@9.50 to a fair signal, still playing country and western music sinpo 33233

6325-13.50 unid playing phil collins fair signal off or faded out a few minutes later sinpo 33233

6220-17.45 playback international playing 10cc and the pointer sisters good signal, but some fading as well sinpo 44334

6325-17.26 unid playing the platters"only you" fair signal, but some co-channel qrm sinpo 33233

4025-18.00 laser hots hits playing michael sombello and rihanna fair signal , but noise level is high sinpo 33223

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