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Saturday, April 3, 2010

shortwave logs 03/04/10

7610-6.50 radio amica playing trio"da da da" fair signal with some noise sinpo 33233

4025-7.00 laser hot hits tony james playing instrumental music from al casey and duane eddy good signal sinpo 44344

9515-8.05 radio joystick playing abc good signal sinpo 44344

6375- 8.28 radio isa playing iron maiden fair signal sinpo 43333

6005-9.05 mv batic radio playing rock music good signal with some fading sinpo 44434

6202-14.10 bluestar radio playing dutch music moved to 6210 a few minutes later to avoid splash from 6199 fair signal at times, but some deep fading sinpo 43223

6301-16.32 radio bontekoe playing the police and dance music fair signal sinpo 43333

6220-17.15 playback international/ mystery radio playing jazz music good signal sinpo 44344

6305-18.00 radio merlin international with recordings of radio mi amigo good signal sinpo 44444

6960-18.10 radio jan van gent playing country and western music weak to fair signal sinpo 32233

3905-18.30 skyline radio international playing status quo songs"whatever you want" and"down down" also tina tuner good signal sinpo 44344

3930-22.35 easter bunny radio playing dutch and dance music strong signal sinpo 55444

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