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Sunday, April 4, 2010

shortwave logs 04/04/10

7610-6.35 radio amica playing blondie"call me" fair signal sinpo 33233

6420-6.45 radio waves international playing adrian gurvitz"classic" fair signal sinpo 43333

6267-7.10 radio shadow playing  the song"all my love" and reggae music fair signal sinpo 33233

6220-7.00 playback international/mystery radio playing jazz music good signal sinpo 44344

6202-7.20 bluestar radio playing art garfunkel,the bangles and abba good signal sinpo 44344

6260-7.30 radio scotland playing daniel boone and reading  reception reports strong signal sinpo 54444

6912-7.40 radio continental playing a oldies mix also playing polka and dutch music good signal sinpo 43444 heard later@10.35 playing dutch music and guns and roses sinpo 44344

5815-7.50 orion radio playing john paul young and dutch music strong signal sinpo 54444

4025-8.00 laser hot hits with a program about the mi amigo good signal sinpo 44344

6305-8.32 radio merlin international jackie frost playing gene vincent good signal sinpo 44344 moved to 6280@9.00 to avoid co-channel qrm playing caroline jingles good signal sinpo 44444

6210-8.32 easter bunny radio playing lot' s of rock n' roll music including chuck berry. carl mann and carl perkins. also some dutch music strong clear signal sinpo 55444

6305-9.20 unid playing dance music weak signal making it hard to catch id sinpo 22122

6310-10.15 radio scirocco(tent) playing dance music weak signal sinpo 32222

6450-11,10 radio marconi playing dutch,dance and country and western music good signal sinpo 44344

6305-12,45 radio merlin paul watt playing bachman turner overdrive,tom robinson band and rainbow strong signal sinpo 54444

3932-15.23 bogusman playing roman holliday"don't try to stop it" fair signal. but quite noisy sinpo 33223

6305-17.13 radio merlin international playing marmalade, the move and omd.said he was having trouble with his cd player good signal sinpo 44344

6220-17.45 playback international with a live program playing dr hook and genesis strong signal sinpo 54444

6420-17.55 radio waves international(tent) playing country and western music weak signal sinpo 32122

5815-20.25 radio telestar talking about bringing back old programs including the flower potmen, rawhide and wagon trail and  playing dusty springfield.  good to hear them again. good signal sinpo 44344

6960-20.35 radio jan van gent playing classic music weak signal sinpo 31222

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