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Saturday, April 10, 2010

shortwave logs 10/04/10

4025-6.30 laser hot hits playing abba good signal
sinpo 44344

6306-6.45 radio altrex playing boney m and leo sayer
fair signal with some fading sinpo 43223

7610-6.55 radio amica playing instrumental music
fair signal sinpo 33233

6295-10.50 phoenix radio on a test transmission playing the cars,big country and tom petty good signal. With some fading sinpo 44334 also heard@12.55 playing the cult and steve miller band good signal sinpo 44344

6300-13.10 radio golfbreker playing dutch music fair signal but some fading sinpo 33233

6301-16.30 radio mustang playing dance music fair signal sinpo 43333

6210-17.20 bluestar radio playing dutch music and giving out contact details fair to good signal sinpo 44334

6220-19.30 mystery radio playing abba"waterloo" good signal sinpo 44344

7610-20.45 radio amica playing europe fair signal sinpo 42333

4025-22.20 laser hot hits playimg the gibson brothers fair signal sinpo 43233

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