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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

shortwave logs 21/04/10

3932-18.35 radio jan van gent playing country and
western  fair signal ,bbut a good bit of noise sinpo

4025-19.05 laser hot hits tony james playing bob
seger"against the wind" good signal with some noise
sinpo 44344

6220-19.20 mystery radio playing les humphires
singers"mama lou" and toto"rosanna" good signal
sinpo 44344

3912-21.30 radio festivum giving out id weak and
noisy signal sinpo 32122

3900-21,50 radio baken16 playing dobbie brothers,
jackson brothers, the beach boys and matchbox good
signal with some noise sinpo 44334 heard later@21.
45 playing status quo and mud good signal sinpo

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