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Monday, April 26, 2010

shorwave logs26/04/10

6300-18.25 radio merlin international jackie frost
playing nirvina and u2 good signal sinpo 43444 also
heard@20.10 playing oasis then closed down sinpo

6325-18.40 sonic radio playing dutch songs and
giving out contact details fair signal sinpo 43333

6305-18.50 radio northpole playing the small faces"
lazy sunday afternoon" and rick neilson"garden party"
fair signal with some fading sinpo 43323

6325-19.05 radio skywire playing dutch and polka
music fair signal sinpo 43333

6420-19.22 relmus radio playing the vengaboys fair
signal , but noise level is quite high sinpo 43223

6400-19.28 unid playing BZN fair signal but can hear
weaker station underneath it sinpo 32333

6956-19.38 radio jan van gent playing country and
western music  fair signal, but quite noisy sinpo

5815-19.50 radio telestar south playing mathrews
southern comfort good signal sinpo 44344

6400-20.05 radio contact with a weak signal playing
abba sinpo 32322 also heard@22.00 playing jean
michelle jarre and dance music sinpo 33233

6325-20.20 radio bonte koe playing dutch music fair
to good signal sinpo 43433

6300-20.30 radio merlin international back on with id
jingles and playing   late 80's dance music strong
signal sinpo 54444 also heard later@22.45 playing
eddie cochran, the pogues and led zepilan sinpo

4025-20.50 laser hot hits playing lisa loeb fair signal
, but quite a bit of fading sinpo 43323

3912-22.00 radio festivum playing sean kingston and
Simon and Garfunkel fair signal sinpo 44333

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