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Saturday, July 10, 2010

shortwave logs 10/07/10

6960-6.10 radio jan van gent with a relay of a dutch fm station good signal  sinpo 44344. playing dutch music

3940-6.35 laser hot hits playing dance music fair to good signal sinpo 44433

6280-8.45 orion radio with church music followed by some polka music. good signal ,but fading out now and again sinpo 44434

6960-17.40 radio jan van gent playing a dutch version of"if tomorrow never comes" fair signal, but noisy sinpo 43233

6320-17.54 unid playing credence clearwater rival songs"lodi" and" i heard it through the grapevine" fair signal. with some fading sinpo 43223

6425-19.45 premier radio playing Micheal jackson, the seekers and spencer davis group fair to good signal sinpo 44433 good to hear them on the air again

3940-20.10 laser hot hits playing ashford and simpson fair signal with some fading sinpo 43323

6220-20.22 mystery radio playing coldplay weak and very noisy signal sinpo 32122

5815-20.45 radio telestar south playing oldies good signal with the occasional fade sinpo 44344

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