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Monday, July 26, 2010

shortwave logs 26/07/10

6220-18.40 mystery radio playing dance music. fair signal, but noise level is high sinpo 32333

3930-20.20 radio batavia playing dutch music. fair signal, but noise level is quite high sinpo 43233

6320-20.40 radio dubbel x playing polka and dutch music. weak and noisy signal. sinpo 32122

6375-20.50 unid playing Roger Whitaker songs"dirty old town" and Durham town. good signal, with the occasional fade sinpo 43444

3905-21.20 radio baken 16 playing matchbox. mouth and mc'neil . also the bee gees good signal sinpo 44344

6912-22.32 catus jack radio playing reo speedwagon"keep the fire burnin" fair signal ,but quite a bit of fading sinpo 34323

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