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Sunday, August 8, 2010

shortwave logs 08/08/10

7610-6.10 radio amica playing hall and oates. fair signal, with some fading sinpo 43323

6220-6.20 mystery radio playing dance music. good signal sinpo 44344

6283-6.30 radio shadow playing cher, the vengaboys and omd, fair to good signal sinpo 44433. also heard on 6280@7.28 playing golden earring. fair signal, but starting to fade. sinpo 33323

5825-7.08 best of british radio playing the rolling stones, t-rex and elton john. fair to good signal. sinpo 44333

6300-7.20 delta radio playing instrumental music good signal sinpo 44444

5800-7.35 radio rapido relaying absolute radio. playing alanis morissette and having a look at the sunday  newspapers. fair signal sinpo 43333

6240-8.00 free radio Victoria playing Donovan and buddy holly. fair signal sinpo 42333.

6310-8.07 trans Europe radio playing don Henley and Patti smith. fair signal, also some noise sinpo 33233

6310-8.26 sonic radio playing Gloria Gaynor,George baker selection and grease mega mix. good signal, with the occasional fade sinpo 44434

6305-9.10 unid playing the war  of the worlds soundtrack. off a few minutes later sinpo 43444. also heard@9.55 playing dutch music. again closed down a few minutes later. no id heard. sinpo 43444

6310-9.43 sonic radio playing pussycat. signal not so good now, with a lot of fading sinpo 33223

6310-16.00 radio altrex playing abba"dancing queen. Fair signal sinpo 44344

6375-16.15 radio black bandit playing four non blondes. Good signal sinpo 44444

6305-16.30 radio paardenkracht playing tiffiny"i think where alone now" good signal sinpo 43444, also heard@17.55 playing pussycat and id. sinpo 44344.

6220-17.35 mystery radio playing dance music. good signal sinpo 44344

6240-18.30 radio Europa playing chaka khan"I'm every woman" weak signal, with some fair peaks. sinpo 31222

3905-19.30 skyline radio international playing rod Stewart, Tammy wynette and Christie. good signal sinpo 44344

3930-21.00 unid playing dutch music,fair signal at times, but fading in and out a lot sinpo 43322

6305-22.00 radio marconi playing led zeppelin, ac/dc and deep purple. good signal with some fading sinpo 44334

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