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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

shortwave logs 10/08/10

6310-16.55 unid playing polka music, fair signal,with some deep fades. sinpo 33313

6325-17.35 unid playing polka music. fair signal, also some fading. sinpo 43323

6301-18.45 radio mustang playing Alvin stardust. fair signal, but some utility qrm. sinpo 43233. moved to 6325, heard@19.00 playing the j geils band and opus. good clear signal 44344

6304-19.05 old timer radio playing aqua. fair signal sinpo 43333

3915-19.15 radio northcoast playing rap music, fair signal sinpo 32333. moved to 3910@19.42 giving out id. then moved to 3905 playing wham. sinpo 43233

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