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Sunday, August 22, 2010

shortwave logs 22/08/10

6220-6.03 Mystery Radio playing Abba good signal sinpo 44444

7610-6.15 Radio Amica playing instrumental music. fair signal sinpo 43323

6280-6.35 Radio Shadow playing Donna Summer. fair signal, with the occasional utility qrm sinpo 42333

5800-6.45 Radio Rapido relaying Absoulte Radio playing the police good signal sinpo 44344

6400-7.20 Radio Waldmeister playing instrumental music. fair signal, with some fading sinpo 33323

6310-7.25 Radio Altrex playing Louis Armstrong and Sam Cooke, weak signal sinpo 33222

6915-7.40 unid playing Byran Ferry"let's stick together" good signal sinpo 43444. not sure if its  continental radio or mike radio

5815-8.04 Radio Altrex playing Gary Pluckett and the Union Gap. weak signal sinpo 32122

6915-8.10 Continental Radio playing Dutch songs good signal 43444

6375-8.23 Sonic Radio with pop music, off a few minutes later. sinpo 31222

6202-8.40 Radio Scotland playing Alan's Parsons Project and Space.also having a few tech. problems. good signal sinpo 44444

6140-9.05 Radio Gloria International playing David Cassidy. strong signal sinpo 54444

6300-9.10 Radio Shadowman playing rock n' roll and Tina Tuner good signal sinpo 43444

6310-9.20 Radio Northpole playing Les Ketchup and Dance Music fair signal , with some fading sinpo 43323

6330-9.30 Radio Musicmaker with a weak signal. playing dutch music sinpo 31222

6289-11.10 Mustang Radio playing dance music and Queen. Fair signal, but quite a lot of noise. Sinpo 43233

6300-13.05 Radio Golfbreker playing Dutch and Polka music. fair signal with some fading sinpo 43323

6210-16.35 unid playing rock music. Fair signal, but some deep fades sinpo 33323

6288-17.30 Old Timer Radio playimg Paul Young. Fair, but noisy signal sinpo 44233

6310-17.42 Radio Malaisy playing Lnyx and Harpo fair signal sinpo 44333

6303-17.50 unid playing Duffy. Fair signal, but noise level is quite high sinpo 43233

6375-17.58 Sonic Radio playing Heatwave"boggie nights" and talking. Fair to good signal sinpo 43443

6425-18.48 Cupid Radio playing Dance Music. said he was testing antenna and using 1 kw. good signal sinpo 44344

6550-20.33 Central Radio International playing Scissor Sister. fair, but noisy signal sinpo 43233

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