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Saturday, September 18, 2010

shortwave logs 18/09/10

7610-6.05 Radio Amica playing Instrumental music, followed by The News in Italian. good signal sinpo 44344

6375-8.10 Unid playing lots of Bzn Songs good signal sinpo 43444

6305-8.16 Radio Skywire playing The Rolling Stones"let's spend the night together" weak signal, and strong usb qrm, making it hard to hear sinpo 31322

6315-8.25 Top Radio  with a weak and noisy signal, but can hear some music sinpo 32122

6375-13,55 Radio Dutchwing with Id And Country And Western Music. Weak signal and long fades sinpo 33222

6425-15.20 Unid playing Dutch Music. Weak and noisy signal sinpo 32122

6960-15,39 Radio Jan Van Gent playing Dutch Music fair, but noisy signal sinpo 33122

6375-16.30 Unid playing Country And Western music. Good signal sinpo 43444. Also heard on 6325@17.00 With Country And Western Music. Sinpo 44444

6310-16.35 Radio Mustang playing Kiss. Good clear signal sinpo 44444

6315-17.40 Old Timer Radio playing The Beach and The Hollies. good signal sinpo 43444

4026-18.30 Laser Hot Hits Reading Reception Reports And playing 60's Music. good signal sinpo 43444

6955-19.55 Overijssel radio playing Instrumental And Dutch Music. fair signal sinpo 43233

3900-20.00 Radio Saturnus playing the song"spirit in the sky" weak signal sinpo 33122

6325-20.08 Radio Caroline International playing Dance Music and Id jingles. weak signal with some fair peaks sinpo 33222

6315-20.25 Radio Mustang playing Fleetwood Mac, The Archies And Belinda Carlise. good signal sinpo 44344

6400-20.38 Sonic Radio playing Meatloaf"paradise by the dashboard lights". fair signal. sinpo 42333

6320-20.50 Unid playing Bonnie Tyler"total eclispe of the heart" good signal sinpo 44344. off a few minutes later

6313-20.55 Radio Mustang with a good signal sinpo 44344, moved to 6315 a few minutes later. playing The Moody Blues And Creedence Clearwater Rivival sinpo 44344

3905-21.23 Radio Likedeeler playing Procal Harem"whiter shade of pale" fair signal, with some fading sinpo 43323

6305-21.35 Radio Maconi playing Ac/dc, The Small Faces And The Rolling Stones strong signal sinpo 54444

3940-21.52 Radio Underground playing Driver 67"car 67" weak and noisy signal sinpo 32122

3925-22.50 Unid with Radio Caroline South recordings. Playing Donna Summer And Rod Stewart good signal sinpo 44344

6375-23.10 Radio Black Bandit playing Country And Western Music. Good signal sinpo 43444.

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