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Sunday, September 26, 2010

shortwave logs 26/09/10

4026-6.02 Laser Hot Hits playing Abba"i have a dream" good signal sinpo 44344

7610-6.25 Radio Amica playing Rick Astley. fair signal. with some fading sinpo 43323

6220-6.30 Mystery Radio playing Instrumental Music. strong signal sinpo 54444

6400-6.35 Radio Waldmeister playing Steve Winwood and Status Quo. fair to good signal, but audio is a bit over modulation. sinpo 44433

5820-7.05 Orion Radio playing Credence Clearwaer Revival And Golden Earring and Promo for AM forum good signal sinpo 44344

6310-7.20 Radio Altrex relaying Medium Wave Station Radio Atlantis playing Elkie Brooks"pearls a singer" and trio"da da da" good signal sinpo 43444

6240-7.40 Free Radio Victoria playing the Hollies and Tom Jones . good signal sinpo 44344

6205-8.05 Radio Borderhunter playing Dance Music and Joan jet"i love rock n' roll" strong signal sinpo 54444

5835-8.20 Radio Thunderbird playing Bronski Beat and giving out Id fair signal, with some fading sinpo 43323

6325-8.28 Radio Merlin International Jackie Frost playing 50's Music including Bobby Bay"rockin robin". good signal sinpo 44434

6287-8.40 Radio Perfekt playing Dutch Music weak signal sinpo 31222

6450-8.50 Radio Scotland playing Instrumental and Rock Music. strong signal sinpo 54444. also heard on 6250@9.30 with Rock Music and quick Id sinpo 54444

6425-8.58 Radio Universe playing Simon and Garfunkel and greeting listeners. fair signal, but some utility qrm sinpo 42333

6305-9.40 Radio Northpole(Id via Uk Dxer) playing Alphiville"forever young" fair , but noisy signal sinpo 32233.

6140-9.50 Radio Gloria International playing Delirious. signal not as strong as usual sinpo 44333. also on on 6005. but no reception here.

5815-10.15 Radio Telestar South playing  The Shadows. good signal sinpo 44344

6960-10.25 Atlantic Radio 1251 playing Gary US Bonds, The Beatles And The Loving Spoonful. good clear signal sinpo 44444

6305-11.30 Radio Brandaris playing Instrumental Music And giving out contact details fair to good signal. Sinpo 44433

6400-14.45 Unid playing 2 Unlimited"maximum overdrive". fair signal sinpo 43433

6375-15.15 Radio Dutchwing playing Country Music including a country version of"have you ever seen the rain" fair to good signal sinpo 44433

6305-16.05 Radio Marconi playing Status Quo Songs.strong signal, but audio  is very poor. sinpo 54434

6220-16.30 Playback International playing Simon And Garfunkel. good signal sinpo 44344

6305-17.40 Central Radio(tent) playing Joe Dolice. fair to good signal sinpo 43233

6301-18.34 Unid playing Abba And Alphiviile fair signal, but  some splash from Reflections Europe on 6295. sinpo 42333

5815-19.15 Radio Telestar South playing Dusty Springfield And Fleetwood Mac. good signal sinpo 44344

5807-19.58 Central Radio playing Toto"rosanna" And Men At Work"down under". good signal and audio sinpo 44344

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