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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shortwave logs 02/10/10

6960-11.20 Atlantic Radio 1251 playing Bob dylan"like a rolling stone" And"if not for you". Also Santana. Good signal with the occasional fade sinpo 44434

6305-15.30 Radio Marconi playing Dutch Music. Moved to 6300 heard@15.45 playing Dutch Music. good signal sinpo 43444. Id heard@16.23

6375-15.55 Radio Sonic playing Captain Hollywood Project"find a better way" fair signal sinpo 42333. also heard@17.23 playing Supertramp good signal sinpo 43444

4026-16.15 Laser Hot Hits playing B A Robertson good signal sinpo 44344

6325-16.30 Unid playing Dance Music weak signal sinpo 32212

6310-17.05 Unid with a weak signal , can hear some Music just above noise level sinpo 32122

6390-17.53 Radio Lowland playing Led Zeppelin"whole lotto love" followed by Id. fair to good signal sinpo 44433

6220-18.55 Mystery Radio playing Disco Music. good signal sinpo 44344

3905-19.10 Skyline Radio International playing Dance Music good signal sinpo 44344

6310-20.03 Radio Fox 48 Giving out Id And playing Dance Music. weak signal sinpo 33222

6310-20.47 Radio pluto playing Nena And Mike Oldfeild weak signal at firsr. But had improved to fair 5 minutes later. sinpo 43323

6307-21,04 Unid playing The weather girls"it's raining men" weak signal and fading. Sinpo 33212. Does give out Id. But can't catch name of the station

6210-22.43 Radio Scotland International playing The Tv Theme from Hawai 5 0. Said he was closing down. Good signal sinpo 44344

6290-22.55 Unid playing We Love The Pirates Song And talking. To weak to catch Id sinpo 33212. Maybe Radio Caroline International.

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