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Sunday, October 31, 2010

shortwave logs 31/10/10

4026-6.55 Laser Hot Hits playing Mathews Southern Comfort And Paul Mc Cartney. strong signal sinpo 54444

6255-7.32 Radio Telestar South playing Acker Bilk And Al Stewart. good signal sinpo 44344

6380-7.40 Radio Sonic playing Taveras, Tony Christie And Technotronic. good signal sinpo 44444

5810-7.48 Central Radio International playing Lynard Skynard. good signal, but faded out or off a few minutes later sinpo 44334

6310-7.53 Radio Pluto playing Rock Music. weak signal sinpo 32122

6325-8.00 Radio Merlin International Jackie Frost playing The Beatles, And talking about Music festivals. good signal sinpo 43444

6210-8.10 Laser Hot Hits playing Coldplay Ana Leo Sayer good signal sinpo 44344

5818-8.20 Orion Radio playing George Harrison strong signal sinpo 54444

7610-8.35 Radio Amica playing Pop Music. fair signal sinpo 33233

6200-8.40 Radio Starlight playing The Sweet And T-Rex. Fair signal, with some fading sinpo 43323

5800-9.08 FRS Holland giving out frequency details And playing Kool And The Gang. strong signal sinpo 54444. in parallel with 6005 And 7600

6220-9.15 Geronimo Radio playing The Lighthouse Family And M People, fair signal sinpo 44333. Dave Scott program on@9.30 with Rock Music.

7630-9.25  Free Radio Victoria playing 60'S Music. good signal sinpo 44434

6280-9.40 Top Radio playing Nena. weak signal sinpo 33222

6553-9.45 Radio Face De Blatte playing Rock Music. weak to fair signal sinpo 33223

5835-9.50 Radio Powerliner playing Dutch Music. fair signal sinpo 43233

6005-9.55 FRS Holland Talking about European Music Radio last regular broadcast on shortwave. sinpo 44333

7600-10.18 FRS Holland playing Steve Winwood And talking about FRSH Holland Programs on in 1981. good signal sinpo 44344

6960-10.45 Atlantic Radio playing Tom Petty. fair sigan, with some fading sinpo 43323

9290-11.00 Shoreline Radio with a weak signal, can just about hear some music above noise level sinpo 32122

6300-11.10 Cupid Radio playing The Black Eyed Peas. good signal sinpo 43444

6292-11.15 Unid with a very strong signal playing Evelyn Thomas, Big Country And Vangellis. sinpo 55444

6201-12.15 Central Radio International playing Rock Music. Strong signal sinpo 54444

6300-13.00 Unid playing Disco/Dance Music. Fair signal sinpo 43233

6310-13.18 Unid playing Dutch Music. Good signal sinpo 44344

5800-13.05 FRS Holland still coming with a strong signal. Dave scott playing Wings And talking about Bad reception condations in early 1985 sinpo 54444. no signal now on 7600

6425-14.50 Radio Northpole with Instrumental Music And Qso. Fair signal sinpo 43333

6420-15.30 Voice OF The Netherlands playing Tears For Fears And The Human League good signal sinpo 44444

6308-16.05 Radio Rob playing Everthing But The Girl And MC Sarr. also giving out contact details. Fair signal sinpo 43233

6290-16.40 Radio Caroline International playing the song"only you" fair signal, but some splash from Reflections Europe on 6295. Sinpo 42333 Also heard@17,30 with a clear signal now that Reflections europe has faded out on 6295. Playing Dance Music. Sinpo 44333

6325-17.00 Radio Merlin International playing Santana
"black magic woman" strong signal sinpo 54444


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

and again...many,many thanks for this log of us
from our transmission today on 6290kcs!

So have a nice week and till then,
Radio Caroline International.

Irish Paul said...

Hi Radio Caroline International.
have a nice week too.

73's paul