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Saturday, November 6, 2010

shortwave logs 06/11/2010

4026-7.20 Laser Hot Hits playing Lou Reed"walk on the wild side" good signal sinpo 43444

7610-7.35 Radio Amica playing Instrumental Music. weak signal sinpo 32122

6310-8.45 Radio Pluto with Id And Music. weak signal. sinpo 31232

6325-8.52 Sonic Radio playing Pop Music. good signal sinpo 44344

6210-9.05 Laser Hot Hits playing Leo Sayer And Reo Speedwagon. good signal sinpo 44344

5815-9.15 Radio Altrex playing The Tweets"the Birdie song". weak signal, with the occasional fair peak. sinpo 33232

6425-12.10 Radio Northpole playing La Bouche"be my lover". Fair signal,with some fading sinpo 43323

6289-12.45 Radio Rainbow International playing Dance Music. Weak signal, with some fading sinpo 32122

6330-12.55 Unid playing Dance Music. Fair signal. Sinpo44333

6255-14.20 Central Radio International playing Santana, Thin Lizzy And The Stranglers. Good signal sinpo 44344

6305-14,38 Unid playing Dutch Music And Barry Blue" dancing on a saturday night" fair signal sinpo 33233

6220-14.40 Radio Merlin International playing nice rock N' Roll Music from The Big booper, Danny And The Juniors, Dion And Eddie Cochran. Good signal sinpo 44344

6385-15.20 Radio Dutchwing playing Dutch Music. Weak signal sinpo 32122

6375-15.30 Unid playing Slade, Creedence Clearwater Rivial(medley) And The Rolling Stones. also A old recording of Radio Caroline. Good signal sinpo 43444

6385-15.52 Radio Ridiculous with plenty of Id Jingles sinpo 44334

6310-16.20 Radio Paardenkracht playing Amazula And Dr And The Medics. Good signal sinpo 44444

6306-16.42 Radio Sallendse Boer playing Dutch Music And Manfred Mann. Fair signal. Slight splash from Station on 6310 sinpo 42333

6315-16.50 Unid playing Reggae Music. Good signal sinpo 44344

3930-17.27 Radio Batavia playing Folk Music. Weak signal. With some fair peaks. But noise level is high sinpo 32122

4026-19.05 Laser Hot Hits playing Soul Music. fair signal sinpo 43233

3905-20.22 Bluestar Radio playing Meatloaf And Matchbox. fair signal, but quite noisy sinpo 43233

3900-20.45 Skyline Radio International playing Roy Orbison And Chris Isack. fair signal sinpo 43343. also heard@22.35 playing The Waterboys And Hollies. good signal sinpo 44344

3905-22.00 Radio Boomerang playing Omd, Pet Shop Boys And Kim Wilde. Strong signal sinpo 54444

3906-22.50 Unid playing  The Sweet And Mannferd Mann's Earthband. off a few minutes later sinpo 54444

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